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Access roads to maintain

By Air

Flown to the town of El Arish Airport

According to the schedules, Egypt Air

Schedules, flight Cairo / El-Arish / Cairo
One flight per week on Wednesday

Taking off from Cairo at 15:30 and arrive 16:20 Arish

Taking off from El-Arish at 16:50 and arrive 17:40 Cairo

Economy Class (one way) starts from 250 pounds up to 489 pounds

Class (round-trip) begins of 451 pounds, even 923 pounds

Business class (go) 596 pounds (round-trip) 1137 pounds

Please note that the prices applied according to availability and conditions apply in cases of cancellation or change booking

For reservations and inquiries: sales office of Egypt Air
Address in the town of El Arish:

El Gash St.- El Salam suburb - front of the Hotel of the armed forces

Phone:(002) (068) 3326092

Fax: :(002) (068) 3326091

Phone customer service (call center) of the 1777 mobile or landline 090 070 000

For more information, please visit the website



Source: Information Center

   Release date: May 2010

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