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Investment services

 Services provided by conservative investors :-
1-  Provide the evidence needed to define the procedures and documents required for the implementation of projects to maintain .

2-Follow-up implementation of projects and work to overcome the obstacles you may encounter when construction and operating it.

3-Case study projects stalled and stalled and the search for appropriate solutions to re-run. 

4- Received complaints and contact with investors concerned to find appropriate solutions.

5- Implementation of the project investment map, utilizing the expertise of specialized international.

6- Identifying the needs of investors from all relevant actors and investment banks and the Social Fund and centers to facilitate business and coordination with them to meet these needs.

7- The Office of the service to end investors of all formalities with local and central agencies (the Industrial Development Authority - KIA - Armed Forces Operations Authority - Ministry of State for Environmental Affairs - .... etc).]

8- Will be allocated within the industrial area in central Sinai in return for use of one pound per square meter and renews after 50-99 years in the absence of change of activity.

9- Provide the necessary facilities for serious investors through the issuance of contracts for the exploitation of raw materials required for long periods of time and at reasonable prices.

 10- Provide preliminary feasibility studies for some projects and provide technical support.

11- Provide data and information to assist in the preparation of feasibility studies



Information Service:

Investors Service Bureau
Telefax:  068 / 3322451

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