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Port of Rafah, which is located in the north-eastern province of North Sinai and the beginning of the coastal road east of the province, and at a distance of 50 km east of El Arish, the capital of the province.

* The coastal road (infectious Kantara): Cairo / Ismailia / Kantara West / and then crossing the Suez Canal (infectious Kantara) / Kantara East / Mubarak Peace Bridge / North Sinai Governorate.

* Road East (infectious row 6, infectious Fardan): Cairo / Ismailia / Suez Canal and then crossing / North Sinai Governorate.

* South Road (Shahid Ahmed Hamdi tunnel): Cairo / Suez / Shaheed Ahmed Hamdi tunnel / North Sinai Governorate.




Source: Information Center
 Release date: May 2010

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