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Elahrash  protected Areas

  Protected Elahrash of a nature reserve located in the far north east of the Arab Republic of Egypt, Rafah, on an area of 6 km 2, issued by a decision of the Prime Minister 1429 to 1985, as amended by Resolution No. 3376 for the year 1996 in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 102 of 1983 concerning the nature reserves.
Elahrash is protected with a special character to the presence of sand dunes and scattered acacia trees installed by the  Alatel rising up some sand dunes to about 42 meters above sea level.
Also characterized by the presence of several protected from artesian wells of the Council of  Rafah, a city wells free from contamination and of low salinity water used for drinking.
Deployed in four types of protected trees, including the installer for sand dunes, including the bumpers to the wind, namely:
1 - Acacia Sanaga.
2 - or Elatel Alabl.
3- Elkaffor Elamony.(
Camphor )
4 - Elsoror Elamody.
There are a number of bird reserve, the most important Akasyak . Elatel. Elkaffor Elaumony(. Elsaro Elaumody ( Qunbar Crested - Raven Alnouhy - Owl om sakher ).
As with some types of birds of prey in the region in the Spring and Autumn of them take the protected zone for comfort and protection like a quail, grazing and Hoopoe.


Found in the dense jungles of a group of mammals, including: -
1 - a jerboa rodents.

2 - Hedgehog Alamany.
3 - Some kinds of wild rabbits.

Was recorded 19 kind of reptiles, including: -
1 - lizard ostrich.
2 - Alsagnkor.
3 - Judge of the mountain.
4 - Chameleon.
5 - Alorl Desert.

Source: - Information Center.
Release date: - May 2010

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