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Protected site: -

Zaranik located on the Mediterranean coast in North Sinai Governorate, including the eastern part of Lake Bardawil. It covers about 250 Zaranik square kilometers and is bordered to the north coast of the Mediterranean Sea on the south by the main road Arish - Kantara on the west by Lake Bardawil.
Has been named Balzranic proportion to the shallow water bodies, which are receding of water in times of the year, making them connected by shallow channels (Zaranik).
International Importance protected Zaranik: -
Announced Zaranik protected nature reserve within the international Ramsar Convention to protect wet lands are important for water birds and is of international importance of this protected in the insertion of several international organizations such as the "INTERNATION BIRDLIFE"
 For this region as one of the important areas for birds in the world.

  Birds: -

Was recorded about (300) species of birds in northern Sinai, most of the species migrating as a protected area Zaranik bridge crossing the main of birds coming from the national breed in Asia and Europe is destined to spend the winter in Africa, estimated at about (5000000) birds of the birds that cross through the region, including (200000) Tairalbt Alhurcer Summer Anas Querquedula and many birds such as swans White PELEANUS ONOCROTALUS and Alepesharush and Albulchunat and gulls and hooks marine quail and pasture and the Hoopoe and Alabalq and white goat and resident birds Grouse oriented and whistling, jokes, and also Abu heads of Alexandria and hook small.
Has been recorded (15) type of bird species endangered birds, mainly pasture, through which large numbers across the northern Sinai in autumn and exposed to intense pressure from fishermen.
Were recorded (60) kinds of domestic birds that breed in northern Sinai and the desert, mostly of birds and birds living in farm land and has been recorded two types of birds that have not been recorded before (Woodpecker - Adakknac pink chest).



Pets: -
Were counted more than (30) species of animals common and widespread in northern Sinai has also been limited (6) types of endangered species has been limited and the registration of about (11) a kind of wild animals in the area of Zaranik (such as jerboa - Hedgehog Alamany - Mouse - fennec fox - never sand).
Reptiles and amphibians
Was recorded about (51) kinds of reptiles and amphibians in the northern Sinai has been recorded species at risk of extinction at the global level as a turtle land and two types of sea turtles (green turtle - turtle big head) and reptiles (lizard sand - Alsagnkor - RECLAMATION - orchid Oliver - Chameleon - Judge of the mountain - Alorl Desert - snake Albesbas nightclub - the lepers and the wide-eyed – bold snakes).

Marine life: -
Represent the economic importance of fish in the area of the first Zaranik where fishing by boat is the most important fish Deneas - fish family Boer – Elkaroas( bass ) –Mosa's
fish ( plaice.)
Plants spread halophytes, especially in the areas of marshes and form in the form of islands of dense within the Lake Zaranik and the most important plants tribe - Alratrit - Algrkd - Orobanche also spread to areas of sand dune plants Almtnan - plant acute - Alarty - plant Ader and worked to stabilize the soil and increase fertility.
Archeological sites: -
In addition to all these environments exist within the scope of protected archaeological sites the most important regions Filossiat and Alkhuynat areas and  contains settlement of an ancient Roman called Austrakin and churches going back to the Byzantine period and some archaeological evidence, which belongs to the Islamic era and because the name Filossiat that the nomads used to find coins, relics of the region.
- Seeks to be protected one of the pillars of sustainable development through the development of innovative ways for traditional and non-utilization of available resources without damaging the example, the development of eco-tourism, which depends on the nature of the place, including tourism and bird watching.
Source: - Information Center.
 Release date: - May 2010


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